New 2019 Collection


Paris : 27 Sep - 3 Oct 2018

Roberta Furlanetto showroom:
14 Rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais
75003 Marais - Paris
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Tel +39 338 739 2312

Spring Summer 2017 Collection

Press Release Spring Summer 2017

21 September, 2016

An idea of harmonious imbalance.
Twisted dialogues of the masculine and the feminine.
Spontaneous gestures caught in cloth.

Roberta Furlanetto explores the clash of strictness and emotional abandon in her s/s 17 collection. Focusing on the quintessential staples of daywear - the suit, the trench-coat, the masculine shirt, the skirt, the dress and the slip dress - she gives them a new slant via twists, rotations and askew movements that come alive when pieces are worn.
Body and dress find a dynamic dialogue is easy, breezy silhouettes. The result is classics that look slightly off-kilter: an oversized blazer falling just so, a morphed trench moving away from the torso, an asymmetric shirt, dresses which suddenly fold and turn.
Hidden details further strengthen the holistic serenity of the message: in-nuance linings, subtly sartorial touches.

Unusual shapes are activated by the choice of sturdy, everyday fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool, all coming from Japanese mills, which were given special treatments so to get a silky, lustrous shine, halfway between technical surface and precious silk.

Tones of milk, beige, sand and black are mixed in monochromatic compositions or interspersed with shots of poppy red and inky blue.


Fall / Winter 2016-17 Collection

New Director's Cut

01 February, 2016

Roberta Furlanetto resumes her creative path with a new self confidence, driving the brand concept towards a Neo Pragmatism where attitude means a lot and the right cut - where fabrics are substantial - becomes a statement more than ever before.

Daywear is the key to a mannish wardrobe with a sensual flow. A luxury basic that seize the archetypes of dressing as strongholds: shirts, pants, dresses, jackets and coats, all conceived through a thoughtful design process which starts from the classical codes of pattern constructions, working them out to a contemporary tailoring experimenting with bold new proportions.

A deconstructed loose fitting featuring tomboy looks, staged to practical purposes, and a more feminine silhouette, severe but sensual, both come from a unique design approach which outlines an everyday essential wardrobe with a supremely confident cut.
When it comes to materials, Roberta Furlanetto shows the skills of her fashion concept bringing out an intellectual allure. Wool-silk, cotton-linen, boiled wool and wool lace, facing cotton poplin, Japan technic fabrics and felted wool with a more curt hand, point out a double interpretation of the same item.
The essential palette goes from darker tones of Navy Blue, Smoke Grey, Underwood Green and Black to lighter Quartz Pink and Oxford Blue, as well as different hues of White: chalk, wool, custard.
Irresistible mannish coats to wear over a reshaped quintessentially Oxford blue man's shirt, boxy jacket or cashmere pullover and a wool lace chemisier dress, are a must. Over scale fitting and ergonomic tailoring, are the translation of classic standards into the new art-crafted daywear musts.